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ARTGLASS s.r.o. was founded by three partners in 1993 and for more than 30 years of its existence it has become one of the leading manufacturers of traditional Czech crystal chandeliers and lighting fixtures. The company is headquartered in Jablonec nad Nisou, a picturesque town in northern Bohemia, which is nicknamed the town of glass and jewelry due to its long tradition of glass processing. The Czech Republic has been famous for the production of beautiful crystal chandeliers for more than 300 years. We are proud to support this tradition and make every effort to ensure that our lighting fixtures are among the world-class products due to their precise workmanship and unique design.

The Story of Crystal Chandeliers

Our goal is to create unique and top-quality lighting fixtures, which can take their place as eye-catching accessories in your interiors. Our top priority is customer satisfaction. We place great importance on friendly customer service, comprehensive consultation and a tailored approach to account for each customer’s needs and requirements. This approach is deeply enmeshed with an emphasis on quality and respect of the customer’s deadlines. The result of this approach means that our lighting fixtures are not only created to fully satisfy our customers’ design requirements, but thanks to the thoroughly monitored manufacturing processes, they are also a pleasure to use and their longevity is guaranteed.

Working with glass requires great imagination, attention to detail, precision and, above all, passion. Glass offers endless possibilities in processing and imbues individual lighting fixtures with unmistakable charm and originality. Light refraction and color reflections create a breathtaking spectacle that never gets old and is a constant pleasure to behold. Let yourself be enthralled by our lighting fixtures, carefully designed so as to provide an unforgettable sight from any angle, in both natural and artificial light. We are fortunate that our work is more a calling than anything else. As the heirs to over 300 years of the Czech tradition of glass processing, our every effort goes towards maintaining the international repute of our crystal chandeliers.

Choose the lighting fixture that is closest to your heart from our wide offer. If you do not choose from our e-shop offer, contact us directly, either on the telephone number +420 483 369 111, email or visit our office in Jablonec nad Nisou, we will design and manufacture a unique lighting fixture tailored to your needs and requirements.