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Introducing the Snowflower collection

Welcome spring with our exclusive collection of contemporary pendant lights inspired by the beauty and symbolism of snowflower!

Our designer Veronika Janda Šindelářová has captured the essence of the first spring flower, symbolizing purity and the cycle of life, in the Snowflower lighting fixture. The pendant light Snowflower is crafted from overlapping glass or metal petals, with the centerpiece illuminated by crystal beads, representing the heart of the flower.

Snowflower is available in various designs and models, making it easy for you to find the perfect one that will seamlessly complement your taste and needs. Celebrate the arrival of spring with us and bring the enchantment of the first flowers directly into your home!

Take a look at our booklet and discover the beauty and elegance of light intertwined with the magic of the first spring blossoms.

Snowflower Collection Booklet