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Fraudulent Emails Warning

Dear customers and business partners,

we warn against fraudulent e-mails that look like official messages sent by ARTGLASS employees (for example, requests for various services and products), but never come from the domain. To communicate with our customers, we exclusively use our official domain: and we always send you e-mails from an address ending in

At the same time, we encountered a situation where fraudsters tried to falsely inform our clients about changing our bank accounts. Please note that the company’s bank accounts have been the same for many years, maintained at reputable Czech banks, and we do not plan to change them.

If you come across a suspicious e-mail, we recommend that you do not respond to the e-mail in any way and at the same time please contact us at or on the phone number +420 723 725 571.

Thank you for your understanding.

Vlastimil Václavů
Chief Executive Officer