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Orbita Elegance

Main ArtGlass catalogs

Novus Catalog
Elements Catalog
Vision Catalog
Luxurious Crystal Chandeliers Catalog
Catalog 2016
20th Anniversary Catalog

Separate presentations for collections from the Novus catalog and selected collections from the Vision catalog can be downloaded below.

About ArtGlass Company

Company Corporate Profile
Surface Finishes and Colours
Lighting Projects
Birth of Crystal Chandelier

Thematic presentations

Table Lamps and Floor Lamps
Kitchen Lighting
Maria Terezia Chandeliers

ArtGlass at exhibitions

ArtGlass at Euroluce Exhibition
ArtGlass at Deisgnblok Exhibition

Collection from the Novus catalog

Isabell Collection
Trinity Collection
Diamond Collection
Orbit Collection
Tulip Collection
Luminary Collection
Pallo Collection
Swing Collection
Amadeus Collection
Marie Antoinetta Collection
Tale of Rain Collection
Flora Collection
Glossa Collection
Grapes Collection
Miracle Collection
Symbiosa Collection
Primavera Collection
Night Sky Collection
Tubus Collection
Anello Collection
Dancing Cubes Collection
Glory Collection
Hoops Collection
Monstera Deliciosa Collection
Crystallo XL Collection
Almond XL Collection
Polygon Pendant Collection
Anomally Collection
Pumpkin Collection
Droplet Collection

Selected collections from the Vision catalog

Manhattan Collection
Pure Coolness Collection
Alia Collection
Luminary Collection
Particles Collection
Art of Nature Collection
Geometry Collection
Art of Water Collection
Ars illustrandi Collection
Crystalline Collection
Art of Chains Collection
Cara Collection
Luminis Collection